SV: Lost Assets
SAWE Ventures, LLC conducts research regarding unclaimed and lost assets of individuals and entities that share three basic characteristics:
  1. 1.The subjects of our search are not known by the company prior to conducting our research
  2. 2.The subjects have no idea they have any unclaimed or lost assets
  3. 3.The lost or unclaimed assets generally are in excess of $5,000
The most difficult task our company faces is convincing the subjects of our search that they indeed do have lost or unclaimed assets just waiting for them to claim. Given the financial scams that are becoming almost a daily fact of life in our service-oriented economy, this, sadly, tends to be an insurmountable obstacle.
The unclaimed assets we specialize in are generally not available via the various state databases that generally hold assets from dormant bank accounts, forgotten deposits from utility accounts, and the like. However, we often conduct searches of such databases and freely provide the information to the subjects of our search as an expression of our goodwill.
Our service fees are based on whatever is ultimately collected from the custodians that hold the lost or unclaimed assets and are only paid after the funds are successfully collected. In other words, we do not ask for any payment for our services in advance, and we only make money if you successfully recover your money.
If you have received a phone call or correspondence from us and you would like to know more about our asset recovery process, please visit our Recovery FAQ page.
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